What should my husband be physiologically weak? Things you need to know

A weak husband is always a worry and obsession for many women. This not only causes the health of men to decline, but also threatens to affect the fertility as well as the happiness of the couple. Therefore, finding out information on this issue can help couples improve their sexual weakness and maintain a passionate relationship.

How to recognize a weak husband

There are many women who do not fully understand the physiological status of their husbands. In fact, the way to recognize a husband’s physiological weakness is quite simple, women need to pay more attention to their husbands and monitor the following symptoms:

  • Husband has erectile dysfunction

This is a sexual disorder, manifested by symptoms such as difficulty getting an erection, not having a long-lasting erection or possibly losing the ability to get an erection even before ejaculation.

A husband who is physiologically weak will have symptoms such as erectile dysfunction, no interest in sex
A husband who is physiologically weak will have symptoms such as erectile dysfunction, no interest in sex
  • Feeling pain during sex

This is clearly shown in the process of sex, if the man makes gentle love movements and has burning pain that makes it difficult for both of them to reach orgasm, it is likely that the man has physiological weakness.

  • Manifestations of decreased sex drive

One of the very clear manifestations of physiological weakness is that men avoid sex, the frequency of sex is low, maybe less than 1 time/week. Men no longer desire, interest in sex.

  • Unsatisfactory”

Even after ejaculating, men still feel not “climax”, unable to satisfy is also a sign of physiological weakness.

Causes of sexual weakness

Understanding the causes of male impotence is a very important factor to help improve this condition thoroughly. Women should pay attention to the causes that can cause their husbands to be weak as follows:

Abuse of stimulants

The characteristics of work or habits and hobbies cause many men to use alcohol, beer, tobacco and other stimulants. The abuse of these stimulants will greatly affect sexual ability, which is the leading cause of physiological weakness.

Men who abuse stimulants can cause sexual weakness
Men who abuse stimulants can cause sexual weakness

Husband is physiologically weak due to psychological influence

Psychological factors also play a very important role in the physiological health of men. Psychological situations that can affect a man’s vitality are:

  • Due to excessive stress: The pressures in daily life and work make men often stressed and tired. This causes the body to secrete hormones that can inhibit the production of testosterone causing hormone decline. This is a direct cause of sexual dysfunction as well as decreased libido.
  • Due to over-excited: This usually happens when a man is too excited during sex, leading to premature ejaculation. If this happens often, it will make the male penis too sensitive, leading to physiological weakness.

Age factor

Usually after the age of 40, men’s sexual function declines severely. Therefore, in this period, it is very necessary for women to understand and sympathize with their husbands.

Due to some illness

Medical conditions such as diabetes, obesity, liver or kidney disease or sexually transmitted diseases are the most common causes of low sex drive in men. Moreover, many men who have a habit of using aphrodisiac products when having sex regularly are also at risk of facing high sexual weakness.

Physiologically weak can have children?

Physiological factors can have children is not a question of many couples. In fact, sexual weakness can reduce the rate of natural conception in couples, but not all cases can lead to infertility.

Men can still have children when they are physiologically weak if they still ejaculate into the woman’s vagina and the quality of sperm is guaranteed. In the case of men who cannot ejaculate into the vagina or have poor sperm quality, there is no risk of infertility.

In addition, premature ejaculation, decreased libido and erectile dysfunction can also reduce the chances of conceiving in couples. Therefore, when having physiological weakness, men need to actively examine and treat to avoid possible complications.

Erectile dysfunction can reduce the ability to get pregnant naturally
Erectile dysfunction can reduce the ability to get pregnant naturally

Husband is physiologically weak, wife should do?

Usually, when men have physiological weakness, they will be afraid to share it with their partners. Therefore, a woman must be delicate and sympathetic to her husband to solve it together.

First of all, when discovering that her husband is physiologically weak, women should confide in and accompany her husband to visit gynecological treatment facilities and fertility support centers. Treatment requires patience over the long term, combining following your doctor’s instructions with home care measures to improve.

In addition, you should pay attention to the following issues:

Encourage, sympathize and accompany her husband

This is a very important thing to help couples bond more and also help men be more confident and comfortable when talking about sexual problems with their wives. At this time, it requires the wife to sympathize and help her husband get the most comfortable mood. From there, the couple can find the cause and appropriate treatment.

What should I eat when my husband is physiologically weak?

Nutrition plays a very important role in improving male fertility. Women need to supplement their husbands with foods that can enhance libido and improve testosterone levels for the body.

The foods that should be used are foods rich in zinc such as eggs, nuts; Vegetables and fruits contain many vitamins; Fish, olive oil or avocado help replenish Omega 3 for the body. In addition, there are foods that should be added to the menu for men:

  • Oysters: Oysters contain a lot of Arginine, minerals, vitamins and Omega 3 that can stimulate libido in men and increase sperm quality. Oysters can also be processed into many delicious dishes such as oyster porridge, grilled oysters with onion fat…
  • Oysters: Contains a lot of protein, calcium and minerals to help treat premature ejaculation and improve physiological ability very well.
  • Black Garlic: Used to soak alcohol to help prolong sex.

In addition, women should pay attention to eliminate spicy, greasy and canned foods from their husband’s menu to ensure health.

Women need to increase zinc-rich foods for their physiologically weak husbands
Women need to increase zinc-rich foods for their physiologically weak husbands

Relieve relationship pressure

For men with sexual weakness, being pressured to have sex can make this condition worse. Therefore, in the process of treating her husband, women should not be too demanding and put pressure on the gentlemen.

Besides, you should actively choose movements and postures that can increase libido and stimulate men. Should maintain sex with a frequency of 1 to 2 times per week and improve the quality of each time.

Advise husband to perform exercises to cure physiological weakness

In addition to the above methods, women should learn and advise their husbands to practice some exercises that can treat physiological weakness such as:

  • Kegel exercises: Do it by stopping urinating for about 5 seconds and then continuing, it should be done 5 to 7 times daily.
  • Yoga Exercises: You can practice in the cobra pose to keep your body supple and increase testosterone secretion.
  • Squat exercises: Helps develop leg and lower back muscles.

Using functional foods to improve physiological weakness

The current functional food lines have the effect of improving physiological weakness in men very effectively. Gentlemen can fully learn and use some of the following products to help reverse the disease.

Men can use functional foods to enhance performance
Men can use functional foods to enhance performance
  • Viagra: This is the most popular male enhancement product line in the world and is highly appreciated for its effectiveness. This pill can improve sexual weakness, prolong erection time for men and increase sex drive.
  • Ginseng Alipas Platinum: This male enhancement pill is made entirely from natural ingredients and is very effective in improving physiological weakness. The main ingredient is the extract from the nectarine tree, which supports men to enhance sexual performance very well. The product can improve overall health as well as support the treatment of erectile dysfunction, physiological weakness. Men can use 1 capsule per day to improve.
  • Japan TengSu: This is a product line to support the treatment of physiological weakness made in Japan with the main ingredients being medicinal herbs such as erotic yang hoc, tang adventiuo, Cao Quy Ban… There are quite a few gentlemen who are choosing to use it. this dietary supplement now.

Here are the information that women need to know when their husbands are physiologically weak. To treat this condition in men, it is necessary to have the wife’s understanding and sharing, to apply appropriate measures, thereby helping to reverse the disease and strengthen the relationship between the couple.

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