What is the best vitamin C supplement?

Vitamin C is one of the essential substances for the body, not only has an antioxidant effect but also increases your resistance. However, not everyone knows the best way to supplement vitamin C. Please refer to the article below so as not to miss important information.

The role of vitamin C

Vitamin C, also known as Ascorbic Acid, has many important uses for our health. There have been many studies showing the need for this vitamin for the heart, bones, joints and muscles. Here are the important roles of vitamin C in the body:

  • Improves iron absorption.
  • Adequate vitamin C supplementation enhances antioxidant capacity, slowing down the aging process.
  • Supports the prevention of cardiovascular diseases thanks to its ability to lower cholesterol in the blood.
  • Supports the production of a protein (interferon) to fight pathogens, strengthen the body’s resistance.
  • Vitamin C also has the ability to help detoxify the body, reduce cancer-causing chemicals.
  • Vitamin C also plays an important role in muscles, if adequate supplementation combined with a scientific diet will help increase muscle strength.
  • Prevents sunburn when used in combination with vitamin E.
Vitamin C helps strengthen the body's resistance
Vitamin C helps strengthen the body’s resistance

The most effective way to supplement vitamin C

Vitamin C can be supplemented in many different ways such as eating foods or using vitamin C supplements.

Provide vitamin C from food

For adults over 19 years old, a daily supplement of 75-90mg of vitamin C should not exceed 2000mg. To ensure adequate vitamin supply for the body, you should use the following foods:

  • Guava: Compared to other fruits, guava can rank among the top fruits rich in vitamin C, even more than 4 times more than oranges. Because in 100g of guava, there are up to 200mg of vitamin C.
  • Bell pepper: With high vitamin C content, which helps to prevent oxidation, bell peppers are also very good for the eyes. However, if cooked, it will easily reduce the vitamin content.
  • Cauliflower: This is a type of food rich in fiber, also has the effect of preventing cancer. In addition to providing vitamin C, cauliflower also contains substances such as beta-carotene, zinc, calcium, vitamin B, etc. Although this food has many different ways of processing, you should steam it to keep the maximum amount of vitamins. .
  • Cam: You always think that oranges are the richest in vitamin C, but that’s not true because in 100g oranges only contain about 50mg of this vitamin. However, oranges are also very effective in enhancing resistance and lowering cholesterol in the blood.
  • Brussels sprouts: This is also a food that is quite rich in vitamin C, besides it also contains high levels of vitamin K to support blood clotting.
  • Mango: As a fruit that many people like, with a high content of vitamin C and vitamin A, you can regularly add it to your daily diet.
Guava is a fruit rich in vitamin C
Guava is a fruit rich in vitamin C

Vitamin C supplements

Your daily menu will provide some of the necessary vitamin C, but processed foods will reduce the vitamin content. To ensure that there is no nutritional deficiency, you can use vitamin C tablets.

Vitamin C-1000mg Puritan’s Pride: With ingredients from nature, not only has the effect of strengthening the body’s resistance but also helps to beautify such as: Promote collagen formation, prevent aging, remove melasma and freckles effectively.

  • Ingredient: Vitamin C, Citrus Bioflavonoids Complex, Rose Hips.
  • Using: Every day you take 1 tablet with filtered water, do not drink with carbonated water, soft drinks, tea or coffee.

Swisse High Strength Vitamin: As an effervescent product, it provides the daily amount of vitamin C needed by the body to strengthen the immune system. Especially for smokers, the ability to absorb vitamins through food is lower, this is a suitable solution.

  • Ingredient: Vitamin C, vitamin B, P, magie, canxi,…
  • Using: You take 1 capsule daily as directed by experts. Mix 1 tablet with 200ml of water, and use in the morning after eating.

Cenovis vitamin C 500mg Sugarless: In addition to providing vitamin C, the product also promotes collagen production, lowers blood cholesterol, prevents cancer and helps eliminate toxins from the body, prevents wrinkles, limits the effects of radiation. UV.

  • Ingredient: Acid ascorbic, sodium ascorbate,…
  • Using: For children from 4 to 12 years old take 1 tablet daily, for people 12 years and older take 1-2 tablets a day in the morning and after meals. Or we can use according to the doctor’s instructions.
Cenovis vitamin C 500mg Sugarless provides essential vitamin C every day
Cenovis vitamin C 500mg Sugarless provides essential vitamin C every day

Note vitamin C supplements

When loading vitamin C, you need to pay attention to a few things below to bring the best effect to your health, especially to avoid unwanted side effects:

  • For people with kidney stone disease, kidney should consult a doctor or specialist before use.
  • People with high blood pressure should not use effervescent vitamin C supplements.
  • Follow the dose as directed, do not increase the dose arbitrarily.
  • Drink enough water every day for better absorption of vitamin C.
  • Do not take vitamin C in the evening because it is easy to cause insomnia, it is best to take it in the morning.
  • Should combine vitamin C and vitamin E to increase the better effect.
  • When supplementing with vitamin C, you should not eat pork liver, do not take it with antibiotics.

Through the above article, I hope you have given yourself the best way to supplement vitamin C to have a healthy body inside, beautiful outside. Besides, you also pay attention to important things when using vitamin C to get the best effect.

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