What harm does excess vitamin C cause? Note for correct use

Vitamin C is the most common group of vitamins and plays a very important role in everyone’s health. This vitamin is involved in metabolism, increases immunity, synthesizes substances and increases the body’s resistance. However, if there is an excess of vitamin C in the body, it will also cause very serious health problems.

Uses of vitamin C

Vitamin C has the most important role in the body. This is also the most popular group of vitamins, the most focused to supplement the body every day. This group of vitamins has many important roles and functions for health as follows:

Vitamin C plays the most important role in the body
Vitamin C plays the most important role in the body
  • Vitamin C participates in the regeneration of collagen and components of connective tissue.
  • This micronutrient helps support the body’s ability to absorb iron. Therefore, when the body is anemic, iron deficiency is often prescribed to take iron with vitamin C.
  • At the same time, this is also a nutrient that contributes to the body’s lipid, protid, and glucid metabolism.
  • Participating in the synthesis of substances such as catecholamines, enhancing hormones of the adrenal cortex, thereby helping to increase the body’s resistance effectively.
  • This micronutrient helps to prevent oxidation, prevent the aging process and prevent infections for the body.
  • In addition, vitamin C also works to enhance calcium absorption into the body, helping to increase bone density.

Harm when excess vitamin C

There are many people who worry that a lack of vitamins causes serious consequences without knowing that an excess of vitamin C also causes you to encounter major health problems. So what are the consequences of excess vitamin C?

Excess vitamin C can cause abdominal pain, dizziness, nausea and other manifestations
Excess vitamin C can cause abdominal pain, dizziness, nausea and other manifestations
  • Excess vitamin C in the body causes nausea, abdominal pain, dizziness.
  • When this vitamin is in excess, it will need to be eliminated outside, causing damage to the intestines and increasing pressure on the stomach system. As a result, you may experience vomiting and diarrhea.
  • Excess vitamin C causes the body to easily form kidney stones.
  • When supplementing with too much of this micronutrient will lead to heartburn, indigestion, stomach pain.
  • If the body has too much vitamin, it can cause muscle fatigue, lethargy, insomnia, thereby reducing work and study productivity.
  • Abnormal redness of the face is also one of the harmful effects of an excess of vitamin C. In particular, in the case of direct application of this vitamin to the skin, it can cause skin burns and allergies.
  • The phenomenon of having too much vitamin C in the body also leads to the formation of oxidized plaques in the blood that interfere with cell repair. In some cases, the condition even interferes with the effectiveness of certain cancer drugs.

Scientific way to use vitamin C

To supplement vitamin C scientifically, ensuring enough micronutrients needed by the body without causing excess, you need to note how to use this vitamin as follows:

Need to supplement vitamin C with scientific content
Need to supplement vitamin C with scientific content
  • The medical professional’s recommended dose of vitamin C is no more than 60mg per day.
  • Vitamin C is abundant in everyday foods, especially citrus fruits and vegetables. You should use these foods when they are fresh and should not be processed or cooked for too long, causing vitamin C to self-destruct.
  • Do not take vitamin C on an empty stomach.
  • You should not take vitamin C when you have just smoked because smoking reduces the concentration of vitamin C in the body.
  • Absolutely do not take vitamin C before, during and after drinking alcohol.
  • Should be used together with vitamin C with vitamin E to increase the effect on the body.
  • In case of iron deficiency anemia, you should take a supplement with vitamin C to better absorb iron.

Proper vitamin C supplementation is very important for health. This is an indispensable group of micronutrients for the body, but too much vitamin C can also cause serious effects. Therefore, each person needs to use and tolerate vitamin C properly to ensure the best health.

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