Treatment of erectile dysfunction with shock waves: What you need to know

Treatment of erectile dysfunction with shock waves is a new medical method that has been applied since 2010, which is highly appreciated for its effectiveness and safety. Although there are still some limitations, this measure is still expected to bring a “revolution” to problems related to sexual health in men. Readers interested in the above topic, do not ignore the following article!

Shockwave treatment of erectile dysfunction and its effectiveness

Shock wave (English name: Shock wave) is a form of sound wave whose frequency changes continuously in a short time, intermittently and with large amplitude. Because it is easily absorbed by the human body, this type of sound wave is quite popular in medical applications, for example, for medical treatment. erectile dysfunction.

In 2010, a group of researchers in Israel performed a low-energy pulse wave experiment to improve erection difficulties or the penis was not hard enough to perform sexual intercourse and obtained very good results. positive.

Pulse wave treatment for erectile dysfunction has been studied since 2010
Pulse wave treatment for erectile dysfunction has been studied since 2010

By 2013, this method was recognized in many European countries and gradually spread to other regions of the world. In our country, treatment of erectile dysfunction with shock waves has only been applied in the past few years, but promises a lot of potential for strong development.

In the early stages, there were many concerns and concerns about the effect that the shock wave method could bring to physiological health. However, according to medical statistics, the effectiveness of this therapy is up to more than 70% and has received many positive feedbacks from both experts and patients. Specifically, shock wave treatment has the following main effects:

Increases blood flow to the penis

When the shock wave enters the body, it causes the blood vessel wall to expand wider, so that the blood flow to the penis is also more abundant. As a result, the erection difficulty in the “boy” is significantly improved.

Improves erection

There are many causes of erectile dysfunction, partly psychological, partly due to the sensory nerves in the penis. Through the low-intensity impact of shock waves, these nerves are gradually stimulated and released from the “hibernation” state. As a result, the “boy” achieves the desired firmness without the use of additional drugs or sex toys.

Reduce the sensitivity of the “boy”

Shock waves in erectile dysfunction treatment can also help suppress the sensitivity of the “boy”. This helps prolong the “love” time, increase pleasure and limit premature ejaculation in men.

Advantages and disadvantages of the shock wave method

The method of using shock waves to treat “have not spent all money in the market” has the following advantages and disadvantages:


Treatment of erectile dysfunction with shock waves has the following advantages:

High security

Many people are often concerned that sound waves can have adverse effects on health. However, this is not the case with shock waves. So far, in the world, there have been no cases of irritation when treated with pulse waves. Even the outer skin does not have any signs of itching or burning pain.

This method is highly appreciated for its safety and low side effects
This method is highly appreciated for its safety and low side effects

Non-invasive and cause discomfort

What makes patients satisfied with shock wave treatment is that there is no discomfort or pain. The reason is partly because the device and instrument do not come into direct contact with the body or skin surface, partly because the sound waves used have extremely low energy levels, which can hardly cause any strong impact on the patient.

No need to use more medicine

This method of treating erectile dysfunction does not require the patient to use any other oral or topical medications. This minimizes the risk of side effects from medicines that can have adverse effects on health.

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Besides the above advantages, shock wave therapy for erectile dysfunction also has some limitations below:

No permanent effect

One of the biggest downsides of this method is that the effect doesn’t last long. Accordingly, patients can completely relapse erectile dysfunction, weak physiological without regular check-ups and additional treatment.

A course of shock wave therapy for mild patients lasts about 3 years. For severe cases it can be shorter, ranging from 8 to 12 months.

Expensive cost and few places to do it

Because it is a new treatment method and requires modern equipment, it is difficult for patients to find many reputable medical addresses for treatment. Most of the shock wave therapy facilities are frontline specialized and general hospitals, which makes it difficult for patients far from the city center.

In addition, the cost of therapy is not cheap, up to millions of dollars per route.

The shock wave method requires modern equipment, so the cost of treatment is often quite high
The shock wave method requires modern equipment, so the cost of treatment is often quite high

Prolonged treatment time

Physiological related diseases such as erectile dysfunction often take a long time to treat and the shock wave method is no exception. Patients can only do therapy up to 2 times a week while the regimen requires about 12 shock wave shots. Therefore, the total time is often up to 6 weeks, approximately 2 months, making it difficult for many patients to persevere, especially with young man with erectile dysfunction.

Mechanism of treatment of erectile dysfunction by shock wave

Shockwave erectile dysfunction treatment is carried out by passing a transducer around the “boy”, so that both the tip of the penis and the testicles are maximized. In theory, this measure works by the following mechanism:

  • The energy from the shock waves stimulates the growth of new blood vessel cells – a process also known as angiogenesis. Thanks to that, the blood vessel system that nourishes the penis becomes denser, the blood volume also increases significantly and the erection ability is improved.
  • Stimulates the body to produce an active substance that stimulates the dilation of blood vessel walls, which is nitric oxide, which solves erectile dysfunction related to too little blood flow to the “boy”.
  • The impact of the shock wave dissolves plaques from excess fat on the vessel walls, eliminates atherosclerosis and blockages, and promotes better blood circulation.
Shock waves can stimulate the dilation of blood vessels
Shock waves can stimulate the dilation of blood vessels

Shockwave treatment for erectile dysfunction

The process of shock wave treatment includes the following steps:

  • Step 1 – Identify the treatment area: The first step in shock wave therapy is to identify the area. Because depending on the specific case of erectile dysfunction, the position of the sound waves can be different, for example, the angle of the penis or the tip of the penis. This helps limit the risk and possible pain.
  • Step 2 – Apply gel: The patient is covered with a special gel to help the shock wave pass through the muscle tissue more easily. In some special cases, the doctor may ask the patient to shave off the pubic hair.
  • Step 3 – Pulse excitation: The device that emits shock waves is designed as a hand-held device. Doctors will bring the device close to the previously identified area, the treatment time lasts about 5 to 15 minutes. If you feel uncomfortable, you should tell your doctor right away.

After finishing the course of treatment, the patient can stay in the ward for further observation or return home immediately. The doctor will arrange the next appointment, the patient just needs to strictly follow the instructions. For about 24 to 72 hours after treatment, patients are advised not to take anti-inflammatory drugs or do strenuous exercise.

The article hopes to help readers gain new perspectives related to shock wave treatment for erectile dysfunction. Although it is a new method, shock waves have many outstanding advantages and bring positive effects to patients. However, to ensure safety, patients still need to discuss with their doctor first.


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