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How To Get More Subway Surfers Game Codes

Step 1: Launch Subway Surfers, then click the icon for the player avatar in the upper left corner.

Step2: This will take to Subway Surfers website. Here, you need to click the settings button

Step 3: Once you are there, go to services and click the button for the gift code of Subway Surfers at the bottom.

Step 4: Copy and paste any active Subway Surfers codes in the text area, and then click the confirm button. Your reward will be yours immediately after you’ve done this.

Game Introduction Subway Surfers

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Subway Surfers is a game where you have to rush as fast as you can while avoiding the oncoming trains.

What is Subway Surfers Online?

We’ve all heard about this game about running through tricky tracks while being chased by an angry inspector. Subway Surfers was released in 2012 and it’s been a decade since this infamous game hit the market. The developer of this game originally modeled this to compete with Temple Run. As a result, the game received some backlash from the community. However, many years later, Subway Surfer became more popular than Temple Run.

The concept of this game is straight to the point. As a result, anyone who starts playing immediately understands what to do. You play the character Jake, who happens to be a graffiti artist making art on public land. After that, a cop (Jake) sees you and you decide to get away from him. Finally, the cop will start chasing you through the endless tracks.

You can play this game forever as long as you don’t die. The obstacle that comes your way repeats itself. But it doesn’t get boring as the intensity of the speed increases. While you’re being chased by the cop, you’ll also get items along the way that will increase your score. In addition, other items give you the opportunity to fly, jump higher and do other interesting things.

There are in-app purchases in the game that unlock special characters with benefits. However, you can also unlock them for free by collecting keys and running challengers. In addition, you can trade tokens to unlock characters and special items in the shop. Over the years, the developers of this game continuously release updates in which new characters are added. As a result, at the time of writing this article, the game has over a hundred characters in the game store.

What makes this game great?

This game is available for free on napasonomarelief platform where you don’t need to download the game to play. You can use the site’s Android emulator and play the game right from your web browser. Subway surfers online is a fantastic game that is sure to be enjoyed by all types of players. What makes this game great?

1. Simple concept with simple controls

Regarding the concept of this game, it is simple and easy to understand. You dodged the obstacle and didn’t get caught by the cop. In addition, the controls are also simple. All you have to do is swipe up, down, right and left accordingly. Above all, it challenges your responsiveness by forcing you to swipe quickly to avoid obstacles.

2. No pay-to-win tricks

The game has items that you can buy with real money. However, these items do not make you immortal when you play. The transactions that exist for this game are mainly used to personalize your characters. However, you can pay to skip certain missions, but that only goes so far.

3. Game fun

One thing that convinces the game in terms of gameplay is that it brings joy and fun to the player. When you break your own record, it feels incredible. Plus, it feels even better when you beat your friend’s score. You can connect and compete with friends online via Subway Surfer.

4. Customize

There are more than a hundred characters in the game that you can get. In addition, each character can be customized to your liking. However, keep in mind that these changes do not mean that you will gain an advantage over other players.

How to enter the game on napasonomarelief

napasonomarelief has tons of Android apps for you to use or play. Subway surfers online is easy to enter from napasonomarelief. You don’t have to be an expert in technical things to play this game on our platform.

1. The first step is to click on this page and wait for the page to load.

2. After that you will get two game options. One is “Try Online” and “Download”. Both options are self-explanatory. You are focused on running the game online, so you need to click on “Try Online”.

3. Now the Android emulator page will open and there will be a “Start” button in the middle.

4. Click on it and wait a few seconds.

5. Click Enter again and wait a moment.

6. The emulator interface will load and then click on the Play Store app.

7. Log in and search for the game.

Install it and start playing without any hassles and directly from your web browser.

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