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Let’s find a way to enter and immediately receive all newbie codes in Puzzlerama to prepare all kinds of resources and battle games today.

If you always want to stay up-to-date with the latest Puzzlerama codes, you can bookmark this page and use it to navigate to your favorite games.

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How To Get More Puzzlerama Game Codes

Step 1: Launch Puzzlerama, then click the icon for the player avatar in the upper left corner.

Step2: This will take to Puzzlerama website. Here, you need to click the settings button

Step 3: Once you are there, go to services and click the button for the gift code of Puzzlerama at the bottom.

Step 4: Copy and paste any active Puzzlerama codes in the text area, and then click the confirm button. Your reward will be yours immediately after you’ve done this.

Game Introduction Puzzlerama

Free Android online puzzle rama - lines, dots, blocks, pipes and more!


The official app and game

Distributed by napasonomarelief

Web online Puzzlerama - lines, dots, blocks, tubes more!

Try the web


Be ready to play more than 3 thousand puzzles. No other app has so many puzzles: shikaku, tangram, tubes, blocks, lines,. Play puzzles and be relay with this game.



Puzzlerama is a collection of the best puzzles in the Google Play Store: Lines, Tangram, Pipes, Blocks, Dots, Lasors, Shikaku, Unroll, … .

It has 3,500 levels to improve your rational skills.

Puzzlerama has condensed all the ruler confusions into one agglomeration that will keep your mind dynamic and busy for hours to come.

Puzzlerama currently includes: a Japanese game also called Number Link or Arukone. You need to connect the combination of blobs of a similar shade so the lines don’t cross or cover each other. The entire board must be filled out.

– Square Puzzle is a baffle game about squares that is as simple as it is compelling. As with Color Fill, the goal is to complete the entire board by dragging the square pieces. Squares cannot be rotated, and the load changes evenly and vertically in each level, with a different number of lines and segments each time.

Shikaku, also called square shapes, is another exemplary Japanese diversion from a similar developer of Sudoku. Shikaku is played on a square or rectangular frame with a few numbered cells. The goal is to isolate the grid into different areas, each containing a numbered cell and the correct number of squares shown in that numbered cell. Later, Shikaku presents new ideas and cells that keep it intriguing and challenging. Unroll is a unique, captivating mystery that is awakened by sliding. Move the tiles to create a connection between the green and red tiles and watch the ball roll. Roll highlights from 250 levels in 5 challenges or packs. Open the fun at this point! Unblock is a deceptively simple yet difficult sliding square confusion distraction. The goal is to move the blue square to the exit. Find out how to connect each of the dots in a single line. Start connecting two dots and you’ll be instantly hooked on this brain-boosting puzzle game. Laser is a confusion about moving squares to reflect the laser waves and hit the targets. Now and then you can draw circles of infinity.

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