Physiological factors have children or not? The most effective way to improve

Erectile dysfunction in men is no longer a condition that can affect the happiness of a couple, but can also have a direct impact on the fertility of men. Therefore, men with physiological weakness have children or not is a concern of many couples when unfortunately encountering this condition.

Physiological factors have children or not?

Erectile dysfunction in men is a condition in which men have reduced physiological function, decreased sex drive. Men who encounter this condition may experience erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and many difficulties in having sex.

Physiological factors have children or not depends on many factors
Physiological factors have children or not depends on many factors

Men with physiological weakness will have some symptoms such as: Penis is difficult to erect, decreased desire for sex, burning pain during sex, difficulty urinating, and weakness in the body. , tired.

Physiological factors can greatly affect the psychology of men and have a great impact on reproductive health. However, whether or not a man who is physiologically weak has children or not depends on many factors.

In fact, in men with physiological weakness who can still ejaculate into the female vagina, there is still a high chance of having a baby if the sperm quality is good.

However, the rate of physiological weakness causing infertility in men also accounts for a very high possibility if men have male diseases that cause reduced sperm quality or physiological weakness that causes impotence. Male infertility causes infertility in the following cases:

  • Men with low testosterone: This makes men severely reduced vitality. Men may face the risk of premature ejaculation, difficulty in getting an erection, greatly affecting the quality of sperm.
  • Prostate diseases: Prostate diseases such as inflammation or removal of the prostate gland will greatly affect a man’s ability to have children.
  • Testicular diseases: Testicular calcification, orchitis or testicular atrophy, testicular trauma make it difficult for men to produce sperm. This greatly affects the ability to ejaculate and the quality of sperm.
  • Men at risk of impotence: Erectile dysfunction, if not detected early and treated promptly, can cause impotence in men. This makes it impossible for men to ejaculate into the female’s vagina and causes complete infertility.

Therefore, whether physiologically weak have children or not, whether or not will depend on many factors. However, male infertility still accounts for a relatively high rate and this requires timely intervention and treatment.

Men need to stay relaxed and optimistic to improve their physiological ability
Men need to stay relaxed and optimistic to improve their physiological ability

How to improve physiological weakness?

To improve sexual weakness and increase the possibility of having children, men should pay attention to some methods of health improvement and care below:

  • To prevent severe physiological weakness leading to impotence, men need to go to the hospital immediately when there are physiological symptoms of decline. This helps in early detection of male diseases that cause sexual weakness and can be treated quickly and thoroughly.
  • It is necessary to add more testosterone by eating a nutritious diet and using more foods and drinks to balance hormones.
  • Should not regularly use aphrodisiacs, masturbate with moderate frequency and should have regular, moderate and healthy sex.
  • Gentlemen need to rest in a scientific way, always keeping the spirit comfortable and relaxed.
  • In the process of using the drug to treat physiological weakness, men need to use it exactly as directed. Do not arbitrarily use the drug and pay attention to the possible side effects.
  • Men need to establish a diet full of good nutrients for male vitality.
  • Do not use foods that can harm vitality, especially alcohol, stimulants or tobacco.
  • Men need to talk to their partners to have understanding and to take measures together to improve sexual capacity and the ability to have children.
  • For male cases of physiological weakness leading to infertility and infertility, couples can perform assisted reproductive therapies at reputable fertility centers.

In addition to the above measures, using functional foods to improve men’s health is one of the ways to improve vitality used by many men. Men can refer to and use a few product lines as follows:

  • Ginseng Alipas Platinum

Considered as one of the ideal solutions for unfortunate men with premature ejaculation, physiological weakness. This product line includes ingredients that are all natural herbs such as: Devil’s thorn extract, nectarine extract, heliotrope extract, ginkgo biloba, ginkgo biloba…

Thanks to the above medicinal herbs, the product can help enhance hormone production, improve overall health in general and physiological health in particular.

Men can take 1 or 2 ginseng capsules per day, after meals. Currently, on DrVitamin, this product is sold for 720,000 VND/box of 30 tablets.

Use functional foods like Alipas Platinum ginseng to improve
Use functional foods like Alipas Platinum ginseng to improve
  • Rocket 1h

Also a line of functional foods capable of improving premature ejaculation and physiological weakness in men. Rocket 1h has 100% ingredients that are all natural herbs such as red apple, tribulus, cure… to help men have abundant vitality.

The product not only helps to increase sexual desire but also helps prolong sexual intercourse and limit premature ejaculation. Men should use 1 Rocket pill about 2 hours before sex for the best effect. The current selling price of this product is about 300,000 VND/box.

Whether or not men with physiological weakness have children depends on many factors, of which men need to actively monitor their health and treat the disease in time. Methods to improve physiological health as well as increase the possibility of having children need to be implemented persistently and actively to be effective.

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