Physiological factors can get pregnant? How to fix

Physiological weakness can get pregnant is a question of many couples when men suffer from this disease. However, whether you can get pregnant or not depends on many factors. The information below will help the reader answer the above question.

Physiological factors can get pregnant?

Erectile dysfunction in men often manifests through symptoms such as erectile dysfunction, decreased sex drive, ejaculation disorder and difficulty achieving pleasure during sex. This seriously affects the quality of life of couples and male fertility.

Physiological factors can not get pregnant is a question of many couples. In fact, sexual weakness can significantly reduce men’s ability to help women conceive. But the rate of having children or not depends a lot on the quality of the sperm and the ability of the sperm to meet the egg.

Physiological factors can get pregnant or not is a question of many couples
Physiological factors can get pregnant or not is a question of many couples

In case a man is physiologically weak but can still ejaculate into a woman’s vagina and have good sperm quality, there is still a high chance of having a baby. If a man has physiological weakness due to the following cases, the possibility of infertility is very high:

  • Men with low testosterone: The lack of sex hormones causes a serious decrease in male vitality. This makes sperm quality reduced, men find it difficult to get an erection, and have a very high risk of premature ejaculation.
  • Men with prostate disease also affect their ability to have children.
  • Physiological weakness due to diseases of the testicles leads to reduced sperm quality causing infertility.
  • Men suffer from impotence due to lack of timely and proper treatment of physiological weakness.

Due to the above factors, whether male physiological weakness can make a woman pregnant does not depend on the specific disease status of each person. However, a weakened physiological condition still makes men more likely to be infertile and needs timely treatment or support.

How to improve your chances of getting pregnant?

In order to improve the ability to have children and increase the possibility of pregnancy for couples with physiological weakness, men need to pay attention to improving the quality, quantity of sperm and sexual ability. Some of the following methods can effectively improve this situation:

Physiological factors can get pregnant? Western medicine treatment

To perform Western medicine treatment, men need to go to the hospital for examination, find out the cause of physiological weakness and understand the current health status. Depending on your health situation, the doctor will recommend an appropriate treatment plan.

Normally, with Western medicine treatment, men can apply the following methods:

Using therapeutic drugs and functional foods

Including drugs that help increase sex hormones, penis stimulants… In particular, men can use functional foods that have the effect of supporting erectile dysfunction and kidney function. From there, it can help men be more full and increase the ability to conceive. Some products that can help support male enhancement are:

  • Japan Tengsu

This is a Japanese product line that is highly appreciated for its use in improving premature ejaculation and impaired physiology in men. Japan Tengsu has ingredients including: Tang adventuring, male vermicelli, erotic yang hoac, Cao Quy Ban, three size tubers…

Men can use this pill once a day, or can take it before sex for good effect. The current selling price of Japan Tengsu products on the market is VND 650,000/box.

Use supplements like Japan Tengsu to improve vitality
Use supplements like Japan Tengsu to improve vitality
  • Orihiro fresh oyster essence

This product has 100% natural fresh oyster extract. With the main ingredient of oysters, the product contains a lot of zinc and other minerals, has the effect of enhancing sperm health, controlling the ejaculation process. In addition, the product also contains many vitamins B and A, which increase resistance and improve anti-inflammatory ability.

The current market price of Orihiro fresh oysters is: 330,000 VND/box.

Note that when using medicinal products or functional foods, you should strictly follow the instructions of your doctor. Men strictly follow the instructions for use, dosage and duration of use. This helps prevent possible side effects.

Surgical method

This method is prescribed by doctors when men use ineffective drugs and experience damage inside the penis. The goal of this treatment is to restore function to the penis or repair damage to the vas deferens.

Folk tips to increase fertility

This is a method that can be easily done at home and is quite safe for men. However, it should be noted that this method often takes longer to work and must be persistent when applied. 3 folk tips that can increase male fertility are:

  • Drink carrot juice: Carrots contain many vitamins that can help both men and women improve their sexual function effectively. For men, carrot juice can increase sperm quality and help improve fertility.
  • Pomegranate juice: Pomegranate juice is also a drink that can increase fertility if taken about 150ml per day. Pomegranate juice can be used together with blueberries, mulberries to enhance the taste and good for health.
  • Celery: Celery is a food not to be missed if you want to improve male sexual health. Can use celery juice to drink every morning to detox and increase libido, improve sperm quality.

In addition, gentlemen can also apply other methods such as treatment with Oriental medicine from herbs to improve the health of the kidney organs. The best oriental medicine for men’s vitality are dandelion, licorice, trichium, kumquat, Hoai Son…

Drink carrot juice to increase your chances of having a baby
Drink carrot juice to increase your chances of having a baby

Effective methods of assisted reproduction

In addition to applying methods to improve physiological weakness, for couples who are very unlikely to get pregnant naturally, the following assisted reproductive methods can be applied:

  • Intrauterine insemination

This method, also known as IUI, is performed around the time of ovulation in a woman. Doctors filter healthy sperm and store it in a special solution and put it directly into a woman’s uterus.

This method is indicated when men are physiologically weak, unable to have children naturally, have low sperm quality.

  • Sperm injection

This method is also known as ICSI and is done by injecting sperm directly into the egg, helping the fertilization process take place smoothly.

  • In Vitro Fertilisation

This is the widely known method of IVF. This method of insemination is indicated when a man has a low sperm count, poor quality. Doctors extract eggs and sperm into a petri dish for fertilization to take place and then place the embryo in the woman’s uterus.

Infertile and infertile couples can seek fertility treatments
Infertile and infertile couples can seek fertility treatments

How to prevent physiological weakness

To prevent sexual weakness, to help couples avoid affecting fertility, men should note some of the following preventive measures:

  • Men do not use tobacco, alcohol, stimulants. Get enough sleep and avoid prolonged stress.
  • Should not be exposed to harmful substances such as radioactive substances, X-rays, other chemicals.
  • You need to maintain a reasonable weight, avoid excessive weight loss or obesity, which can easily cause erectile dysfunction, making physiological weakness more serious.
  • Men have a suitable diet through the addition of a variety of foods that can improve physiological health such as red meat, oysters, salmon, vegetables.
  • Regular exercise, can do exercises to support men’s health such as yoga or kegel exercises.
  • It is necessary to keep the genitals clean to prevent male infections.
  • Men should have healthy sex, reasonable frequency, and ensure it’s safe.

Above is the information that answers the question of whether couples can get pregnant or not. Physiological weakness does not mean infertility for couples, but couples also need to know how to improve this situation effectively, to help couples live a more fulfilling life.

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