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How To Get More March of Empires: War of Lords Game Codes

Step 1: Launch March of Empires: War of Lords, then click the icon for the player avatar in the upper left corner.

Step2: This will take to March of Empires: War of Lords website. Here, you need to click the settings button

Step 3: Once you are there, go to services and click the button for the gift code of March of Empires: War of Lords at the bottom.

Step 4: Copy and paste any active March of Empires: War of Lords codes in the text area, and then click the confirm button. Your reward will be yours immediately after you’ve done this.

Game Introduction March of Empires: War of Lords

Free Android online game March of Empires: War of Lords

March of Empires: War of Lords

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March of Empires: War of Lords is a game that will immerse you in a medieval war in which you will have to march without hesitation on your rivals who will burn and kill until you conquer everything.



You have to build your castle to lead your army and after that try to dominate the world.

However, as your civilization grows, you will have something to gain more power. Be the king who proclaims the throne.

You must have the power to unite the earth under your banner. If you don’t get it, your kingdom will be destroyed.

The main features of this game are:

– Create armies, build walls, kill the barbarians, conquer territories.

– Choose to be a king, a tsar or a sultan.

– Each army has a special advantage. Depending on your choice, you can build your kingdom faster or defend your world from invaders or your knights to crush enemies and conquer your kingdom.

– Unlock special powers and get more bonuses as you progress through the game.

– Boost your defenses to protect you from your enemies.

– Fight to become the king of the whole world.

Be the leader of heroes and adventurers searching for treasures that will make you more powerful to conquer the throne.

– Build regional structures in your kingdom.

– Build markets, temples to God and secret locations for your treasures.

– Remember that a wise king chooses battle formations very carefully.

– Be careful in your tactics when fighting enemies.

– Form alliances with your neighbors.

– Develop intrigues to gain easier and faster access to the throne.

– Chat with other players.

– Conquer 5 fortified castles: Seat of Domain, Seat of Heroes, Seat of War, Seat of Order and Seat of Concord.

– Each seat grants unique benefits to its controlling alliance and the ability to propose world-changing policies.

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