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How To Get More Lapse: A Forgotten Future Game Codes

Step 1: Launch Lapse: A Forgotten Future , then click the icon for the player avatar in the upper left corner.

Step2: This will take to Lapse: A Forgotten Future website. Here, you need to click the settings button

Step 3: Once you are there, go to services and click the button for the gift code of Lapse: A Forgotten Future at the bottom.

Step 4: Copy and paste any active Lapse: A Forgotten Future codes in the text area, and then click the confirm button. Your reward will be yours immediately after you’ve done this.

Game Introduction Lapse: A Forgotten Future

Free Android Online Time Lapse: A Forgotten Future

Lapse: A Forgotten Future

The official app and game

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Save the life of all mankind. This application allows you to be the great ruler of the world. If you have such human capacity play this lapse game.



Lapse is an Android game in which the user has to save the life of a nation. You will act as a President, ruling the fortunes of an entire nation. The citizens depend on you. You must make those particularly difficult decisions that can show you are a world leader. Every small decision can change our future in a humanity faced with wars, disease and famine.

Lead an entire country to salvation – or annihilation – in a world set in the year 2075. With a simple swipe of your finger left or right, you have the opportunity to decide the fate of this current nation, making difficult decisions on various journeys and themes, which will be sent to your presidential deliberations.

Be careful though: running a country has never been easy. Something amazing has thrown all of future humanity into deep confusion, causing a continuous stream of calamities such as wars, disease, and famine. Nobody seems to remember what started it all, nobody seems to know anything about the strange events that continue including the planet, nobody can reveal why you seem to get up every time someone tries to hold you down.

So be careful and take some time to consider each and every choice as nothing happens without a reason. Every single opportunity can help you achieve your final triumph, but meanwhile, this could be the reason for your failure.

We really like this game because it can show us how to be a leader. We like its features:

– Provide an opportunity to practice your leadership.

– It reminds us how important the small details are when governing a nation.

– It shows that when you rule a country, you don’t always have friends or enemies. And you need to pay special attention to each betrayal.

– Multiple languages: English, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, French, …

– It is free. Purchases are optional.

Our score for this educational app is 8. It is very strong to feel that you are running a country, at the same time it is important to feel the responsibility.

Note that you can run this app from our napasonomarelief platform, but you can also download it from Google Play Store where you can find more instructions on how to run it.

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