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How To Get More Kids Brain Trainer at Preschool Game Codes

Step 1: Launch Kids Brain Trainer at Preschool, then click the icon for the player avatar in the upper left corner.

Step2: This will take to Kids Brain Trainer at Preschool website. Here, you need to click the settings button

Step 3: Once you are there, go to services and click the button for the gift code of Kids Brain Trainer at Preschool at the bottom.

Step 4: Copy and paste any active Kids Brain Trainer at Preschool codes in the text area, and then click the confirm button. Your reward will be yours immediately after you’ve done this.

Game Introduction Kids Brain Trainer at Preschool

Free Android Online Brain Trainer for Kids (Preschool)

Kids brain trainer in preschool

The official app and game

Distributed by napasonomarelief

Web online Kids Brain Trainer (Preschool)

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Using pictures is a very successful way to teach our children. This application has created image-based brain exercises for both kids and adults. Your kids can learn a lot by using this application.



Kids Brain Trainer at Preschool is an Android app that offers a range of brain exercises for both kids and adults. Your kids have to find a picture to its shadow, find the picture that is different from others from a collection and train their memory to remember pictures.

Intended for kids, this game is the best distraction for kids to develop, learn and have a great time.

“Children Brain Trainer (Preschool)” has 144 different games specially designed to expand, exercise and build your child’s intellectual abilities.

“Children Brain Trainer (Preschool)” was developed by a preschool father and expert in psychological support and is intended to be as educational and beneficial as is reasonable; and being a father yourself.

It contains four fun parts with different brilliant distractions:

1. Shadow: 48 mind-expanding levels to coordinate a character with its shadow

2. Contrasts: 48 fun levels to distinguish the image that has no place

3. Customize it!: 24 replicas with a photo attached to the character.

4. Memory: 24 brilliant alternations of memory cards.

We like all educational apps and the features we like more about this app are:

– It is designed for kids to learn and have fun.

– Your children will be able to improve cognitive skills (such as visuo-spatial relationships, general visual attention, memory, motor coordination, tactile skills, …).

– Get feedback from a community of fathers.

– It includes an updater so that the learning process can be adapted to new educational trends.

– It is not only for children but also for parents and teachers.

Our score for this app is 9. Again, we really like the learning app. This is one of the best. It is absolutely recommendable.

Note that you can play this game from our napasonomarelief platform, but you can also download it from the Google Play Store where you can find more instructions on how to run it.

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