Is premature ejaculation weak physiological? – Answers and some notes

For most men nowadays, premature ejaculation is very common. However, the question “is premature ejaculation physiologically weak?” It’s a question that few guys can answer. This article of ours will answer all questions about this issue.

Answering the problem of premature ejaculation is physiological weakness?

Maintaining a man’s form and bravery is assessed by his ability to bed. Therefore, men pay great attention in this matter to satisfy their partner and prove their strength. To answer the question “Is premature ejaculation weak physiologically?” It is necessary to understand the concept of premature ejaculation and weak physiology.

About weak physiological then this is a complex disease, including many symptoms and causes. It directly affects the sex and emotional life of men. It causes the penis to be difficult to erect or can only be erect for a short time, to lose interest in “love”, or to have pain in the penis when erect or ejaculate. If not treated early, physiological weakness can lead to infertility.

Is premature ejaculation a physiological weakness and the hearts of many men?
Is premature ejaculation a physiological weakness and the hearts of many men?

Premature ejaculation is caused by sensitivity of the tip of the penis. This leads to a faster male orgasm time than usual. However, premature ejaculation still produces penile erection, sexual desire but cannot control the time of ejaculation during sex.

Thus, it can be seen that many people with physiological weakness can also experience premature ejaculation, but with premature ejaculation but still feel pleasure during sex, without loss of desire, is not considered physiological weakness.

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From a medical point of view, premature ejaculation is a completely independent disease and when men ejaculate prematurely, they are still fully able to influence their partners to satisfy and meet the sexual needs of both. both sides.

Therefore, assessing whether premature ejaculation is physiologically weak does not need to be done scientifically. If timely detected and properly treated, the disease is completely cured and does not affect the fertility of the patient. Also because the nature between premature ejaculation and physiological weakness is easy to confuse with each other, so men need to learn carefully to distinguish and find the right treatment solution to improve reproductive and sexual health effectively. Best.

How to improve physiological health, overcome premature ejaculation

In order to regain confidence in their bed ability to conquer women as quickly as possible, men need to take measures to improve their physiological health. To overcome premature ejaculation, men can apply one of the following supportive methods.

Use physiological support products

To improve the problem of premature ejaculation, men should use some functional foods to accelerate sperm production as well as improve sperm quality. Here are some trusted products.

Kichmen 1h lozenges enhance physiology

One of Products to help reduce premature ejaculation of Vietnam meet the strict FDA standards of the United States, very safe and effective in the treatment of premature ejaculation. The main ingredients include male silkworm, velvet buds, lustful yang hoac, humiliation valley, pentagram and L – Arginine. These drugs have very high essence, very good for men to improve physiological function.

Kichmen 1h lozenges are the perfect solution for men with premature ejaculation
Kichmen 1h lozenges are the perfect solution for men with premature ejaculation

Take 2 capsules per day, in the morning and evening. You can also take 1 pill 30 minutes before sex to increase the effectiveness of use. The selling price of this 1h Kichmen lozenge is about 300,000 VND.

Penirum A+ enhances physiology

As a functional food formulated in capsule form, it is easy to use and safe for users. The main ingredients are cordyceps, three sizes of purple, ginseng, humiliation, honey, and areca ginseng. The product helps to support the production of the male hormone Testosterone to increase sex drive and increase arousal for men.

To improve physiological health effectively, men should take 4 tablets / day, divided equally after 2 breakfast and dinner.

Have Vinix

This is a product that is appreciated for its effectiveness. This type of stamp is quite popular with many people with the use of outstanding physiological enhancement as well as limiting premature ejaculation in men. The main ingredient is Sildenafil, a very powerful stimulant to increase pleasure.

Should use this type of stamp as indicated by the seller because depending on the physiological condition of each person, there will be a separate dose. The listed price of Vinix stamp products on the market is currently 1,450,000 VND.

Vinix stamps support men's vitality
Vinix stamps support men’s vitality

Folk tips at home to eliminate the worry of premature ejaculation is physiological weakness

For those who experience premature ejaculation, they should use folk remedies that their grandparents have often used such as:

  • Use evil chicken: Chicken meat is rich in zinc, iron and protein, which are essential nutrients to help men increase their “brain” in bed. Therefore, use chicken soup stewed with five boizi to improve the condition of premature ejaculation.
  • Tips from bean sprouts: Bean sprouts are foods with high levels of vitamins C and E. So, add bean sprouts to your daily menu to increase pleasure and excitement, help with erection, kidney function, and prolong sex as desired.
  • Recipes from fresh ginger: The essence in ginger will help stimulate the dilation of blood vessels to increase the erection capacity and hardness of the penis. Take a few slices of fresh ginger every day or use ginger tea, process ginger into dishes for the best improvement.

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Answer: Does premature ejaculation affect health?

Bean sprouts help increase pleasure and excitement, help with erection, kidney function, prolong sex time
Bean sprouts help increase pleasure and excitement, help with erection, kidney function, prolong sex time

In addition to applying the above treatment tips, men should combine with a diet that includes many safe foods such as green vegetables, red meats, etc. to quickly increase the effectiveness of physiological improvement. At the same time, combine it with a regular exercise routine. You can practice daily with some bodybuilding exercises or squats, yoga to increase resistance and physiological health. However, practitioners also need to pay attention to the frequency and extent of exercises to find exercises that are suitable for their strength.

Besides, in love life, you also have to pay attention to some things such as: Do more sex, breathe deeply during intercourse, use condoms, change sex positions, … to improve Improve premature ejaculation in the most effective way.

Improve with Oriental Medicine

Using oriental medicine methods is also a highly effective treatment if you know how to apply and prepare the right remedy. These remedies will help men quickly recover their weak physiological state, leading to a safe, healthy and full life. Some traditional medicine remedies are highly appreciated by experts such as:

  • Remedy #1: It is a combination of 6 effective herbs in “replenishing the kidney – promoting yang” including: Red dong, red silk, blue rose silk, bone pain cord, scratched grass, and vulgarity.
  • Remedy #2: Ginseng, nostalgia, deer antler, big apple, grass.
  • Remedy number 3: Do Trong, location; radiant yang, fresh ginger, big apple.
  • Remedy 4: Including cordyceps, ginseng, noi Son, deer antler, big apple.

These Eastern medicine remedies will help clear the sperm, regulate the blood, control the ability to ejaculate and create a large enough sperm volume as well as ensure the quality of the sperm. Regarding the dosage, patients should visit the doctor directly to receive advice from a doctor as well as to have a dose increase and decrease in accordance with their specific disease.

Measures to prevent premature ejaculation in men

To effectively prevent premature ejaculation at home, men need to pay attention to some of the following issues:

  • Limit and do not use stimulants: Like alcohol, beer, aphrodisiacs, tobacco, marijuana,… Because these substances contain high amounts of toxins, they can cause premature ejaculation in men. These stimulants will initially make the body comfortable and refreshing, but in the long run, they will make the body and mind decline and functions not working as expected.
  • Exercise regularly: Increasing resistance will increase sperm quality, increase physiological ability, so to prevent disease, you need to have good health by exercising every day. This will help keep the body healthy, mentally stable and resilient.
  • Diet and lifestyle: It is one of the basic factors that are extremely important when men have erectile dysfunction due to premature ejaculation. A good body, good mental state, all disease problems will also be limited and repelled. Therefore, building and ensuring for yourself a diet, sleep, work, reasonable and scientific activities is a very necessary thing in improving physiology.
  • Psychological problems: Health problems caused by stress will do a lot of harm to your health and mental state. In order for a space to function at its best, it is essential to have a relaxed and confident mood first.

Questions about the issue of “is premature ejaculation weak physiological?” have been raised and answered very briefly and in detail as above. Hopefully, this will be the most useful information to help men who are having this problem find the best answer for themselves.

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