10 ways to increase height during puberty naturally

Puberty is a period when our body will have a remarkable increase in both bones, muscles and genitals. Besides genetic factors, if you have a scientific diet and exercise and healthy living habits, you will have an ideal height.

The time to develop height in women and men will be different, girls usually go through puberty 1-2 years earlier than boys. Specifically:

  • Female: 8 – 17 years old
  • Male: 9-18 years old.
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How to increase height during puberty

According to nutrition experts, height is determined by 4 main factors: genetics, adequate diet, exercise and sports regimen and living environment.

Puberty is an important milestone that will determine your height, so please intervene in some ways to increase height naturally below

1. Eat a full breakfast

Breakfast is very important because after a long sleep, our body has almost used up all the energy provided. Therefore, breakfast will help enhance mental and physical performance better. In addition, eating a full meal in the morning is also a natural  way to increase height .

Principles of building breakfast

Building a nutritional regimen should ensure the following principles:

  • Provides a full range of nutrients including: Fat, Protein, Vitamins, Minerals, especially Calcium .  
  • Provide enough 200-400 calories/day to have enough energy for mental and physical development for an active day.

Breakfast menu

Omelet + milk:  This is an easy dish to make, provides many nutrients and is preferred by many people in the breakfast menu. This dish is rich in the amino acid Lysine, which helps in better absorption of nutrients and along with calcium and protein, will provide adequate nutrients for the body to develop. Lysine is an essential amino acid that helps you absorb nutrients better, it is also found in functional foods such as Lysine powder or Lysine Step Up from Australia. 

Grains:  As one of the nutrient-rich foods that are very good for the body, thanks to Protein, Fat, and essential minerals to help support height. Every morning, use 20-30g of cereal mixed with fresh milk to drink. It didn’t take long, you had your breakfast dish. 

Vermicelli, noodles:  Usually dishes such as vermicelli, noodles, and pho contain a lot of Starch, Fat, Protein, Fiber, Minerals, etc., which provide adequate energy for the body. These foods are easy to digest and delicious to eat, so many people choose for their breakfast. 

2. Avoid stimulants and carbonated drinks

Stimulants such as alcohol, beer, tobacco, coffee, etc. are all harmful to our health and affect height gain. 

Nicotine in cigarette smoke or alcohol in alcohol, if used a lot, will destroy bone structure and hinder height growth. So, say no to the above stimulants.

In addition, the use of carbonated drinks also adversely affects the structure of bones, inhibiting height growth. For the ideal height, stay away from carbonated drinks. This is one of the ways to increase height at the age of 16 or how to increase height at the age of 17 , 18.

3. Get enough sleep

Getting enough sleep is essential, especially during puberty. You need to get enough sleep about 8-10 hours/night; at the same time practice the habit of sleeping early, avoiding staying up late. Because sleeping early will help the body produce more growth hormone, this is the hormone that helps decide to increase height. The more growth hormone you secrete, the better your chances are. The way to increase height at the age of 14 or the way to increase height at the age of 15 , puberty is to go to bed on time and get enough sleep. When sleeping, lie on your back, straighten your legs so that the cartilage and joints are relaxed and stretched. 

4. Eat foods to increase height

What to eat to increase height? If you want to improve your height during puberty, add the following foods in your height increase menu :  

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Seafood:  In seafood contains abundant calcium content to help stimulate height growth. Therefore, you should not ignore this food, eat it often: crabs, shrimps, snails, shrimps, clams, oysters, ..

Milk:  In addition to food, it is necessary to add milk to increase height for optimal absorption by the body. Milk is a food rich in Vitamin D and Calcium, which is very good for height growth and protein synthesis necessary for the body. Drink 1 glass of milk every day to have enough energy. Besides, milk to increase height at the age of 18 can be used for a variety of ages, especially puberty.

Green vegetables: Green  vegetables are one of the  foods rich in Calcium and Iron – two important substances in height growth. Besides, eating vegetables regularly also helps the digestive system work well, anti-aging and slim body. Please add green vegetables to your daily menu. 

Chicken eggs: Chicken  eggs contain Protein, minerals and Vitamins A, E, B and abundant vitamin D content to help increase height. Eating an egg means you have added 15% of your body’s protein. Each week should eat at least 2 eggs to provide adequate nutrients for the body to be healthy and develop comprehensively.

Oatmeal:  Is a low-fat height increase food, rich in Protein and Calcium to help increase height effectively. You can process oatmeal into many different dishes to make your menu more diverse and delicious. 

Chicken:  Chicken contains protein up to 50% to help stimulate bone growth. You can process chicken into many dishes such as boiled, grilled, fried.

5. Increase your immunity 

To strengthen immunity, you should supplement Vitamin C for the body. Vitamin C is found in fruits. Thanks to this vitamin, it will help remove toxic substances from the body, thereby helping the body to be healthy, promoting the development of the bone system. 

Vitamin C is abundant in succulent fruits such as citrus, grapefruit, lemon, pineapple, guava, etc. Just eat one fruit a day, you will provide your body with 30% Vitamin C to support the healthy growth. growth height.

6. Exercise to increase height

Exercise and height increase exercises will help improve health and flexibility as well as help bones and joints develop. In addition, when you exercise, the blood circulation will be good, the body produces more growth hormone than usual, thereby promoting height growth. 

To achieve results, you should practice sports such as basketball, skipping rope, swimming, yoga, … to support optimal height increase. 

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7. Practice good posture

Standing stooped or sitting hunched will make the spine prone to curvature, hindering the growth of height. Therefore, practice good posture whether walking, standing, sitting or carrying: Stand up straight, do not hang your head or lie on your stomach, let your arms hang loose. Practicing good posture habits will help prevent hunchback, lumbar spine degeneration and disc herniation .

8. Small and frequent meals

Do not assume that dividing many meals in a day will not be related to height growth. According to experts, divide 3 main meals into 6 small meals to activate the metabolism to work better. 

The materials to support height growth will be obtained from the foods that are put into the body. Thanks to that, it will fully supplement the substance, reduce the lack of calcium or nutrients, the body has enough health, it will help stimulate height increase effectively. 

9. Maintain ideal body weight

To maintain body weight, you need to have a scientific diet and reasonable exercise to not gain weight, this is also the secret to increasing height in your 20s or having a perfect height at puberty. Because if the body is overweight, obesity will put pressure on the joints, limiting height growth. 

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10. Use height increase pills

Taking supplements to support height increase is the most ideal solution to increase height today. Are you wondering if the drug to increase height is real ? Height increase pills are functional foods, ingredients of current height increasing foods contain Vitamin D, Calcium, Hydrolyzed Collagen , Manganese, Phosphorus… These are all nutrients proven to support bones. Growth through stages, increased bone density, faster lengthening, more flexible muscles and joints – all these factors are a solid foundation to promote the process of height growth.

In particular, some height-enhancing drugs also help increase stature naturally thanks to ingredients containing nutrients that stimulate the production of growth hormone – an important hormone that helps the body grow well through the body. stage.

Puberty is one of the “golden” periods to grow taller. In order not to miss this precious time, you should build a scientific diet, do reasonable exercise and maintain a healthy lifestyle, and use height increasing drugs to support. Provides all the nutrients needed for growth.

Above are 10 ways to increase height for puberty naturally that Joint Health wants to share with you. If you want to get the desired height, be persistent in implementing the above measures. Wish you soon improve to have a standard height.

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